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Vaxx Deaths 45,000 - CDC Whistleblower, Dr. David Martin Ends COVID Narrative

Author: Complete Shows Published July 19, 2021

RumbleStew Peters welcomes Dr. Jane Ruby, who reports a CDC Whistleblower has come forward and that ACTUAL deaths from the shots being called 'vaccines' is actually over 45,000. Dr. Ruby also exposes the BOOSTER agenda, painting a grim future for the inoculated.

Dr. David Martin ENDS ENTIRE COVID NARRATIVE in this explosive interview, clarifying EVERYONE involved and why.

Jonathan Jordan's mother is being intentionally abused by doctors, refusing to follow a JUDGE'S ORDER. Carolyn Jordan is now on life support, and her fate is not positive.

Del Bigtree joins Stew to talk about the incessant push of propaganda, designed to fluster Americans into giving up.

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